Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Not sure where y'all are, but I must say- it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Memphis! Sitting outside Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice latte in hand... Perfecto!

I've spent the past few months reading blog after blog... It's been so much fun getting to read about the babies and the marriages and all the fun you all have been having! Blogging is such a special community to be a part of... Meeting and learning about girls from all different areas, all different backgrounds, and being able to get so invested in each others lives and develop some truly special friendships!

After spending the past few months commenting and generally lurking around, I've decided to get back to writing my own blog. Life changes and events can take a toll on daily posting and updating, but it's a great release, a great way to vent, and I am so excited to be an "active" part of this great little community again! I have created a whole new blog, new url, everything, to start over fresh. New chapter of life, new blog... Just seems right!

In honor of Thursday, here's my "Thursday Thirteen"!

1. Fall is my most favorite season. I think alot of us Southern girls are on the same page for this one. The brutal summer heat gives way to crisp coolness and we can break out those sweaters and BOOTS (!!!). Football games, pumpkin everything, and that calm before the holiday madness.. Love it!

2. My girls are exactly like me in their own little ways. Savanah (oldest, she's 7) looks exactly like her daddy, but has the same sarcastic sense of humor that I do. Her mannerisms, expressions, strong will and perfectionism... All from me. Stella (youngest, she's 4) is my Mini-Me. We have the same face, and pictures of me when I was little, she swears it's her. She also gets her goofiness from me. We are 2 silly peas in a pod.

3. I have had about 5 different jobs over the past 5 years. I am a wandering soul... Can't help it. Boredom.. Well, bores me. I need to be challenged on a daily basis, and shuffling paperwork just doesn't do it for me.

4. I have recently (well, past 3 months or so) really started a journey of faith... I grew up with very little spiritual guidance, but through my desire for my girls to have a strong belief in Him, have found more than I ever expected for myself. We have been going to an amazing church where it really feels like home, and it's been an amazing experience so far.

5. My stories are often-times long winded. What can I say. It's all about the details!

6. Shopping is my stress buster. When I get sad, I shop. When I get upset, I shop. When I'm overwhelmed, walking around Target (or Dillard's if it's REALLY serious!) will melt it all away. Unfortunately, my bank account seems to melt right along with it! :)

7. I'm not a big clothes-horse. I live for accessories, specifically purses, shoes, and earrings, in that order.

8. I have succumbed to comfort over style as far as work footwear goes. I am on my feet for anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a day (depending on the day), and heels just aren't an option. My new work BFF's are my black Merrell mary janes. They aren't too bad on the eyes, and are SO comfy. I find myself wearing them all the time with jeans these days, too.

9. Most of my time is spent with my family. My girls are growing up so fast, and I am desperately making memories as much as I can... It blows my mind that Savanah is as old now as my youngest sister was when I had her! Seeing how grown my sister is now, and it scares me to death that Savanah will be that old in seven short years! Aaaah!

10. This is taking WAY longer than I'd expected! Probably has a little something to do with that "details" thing I mentioned!

11. I LOVE taking photos of the girls and all the fun things we do... A goal of mine is to get better at capturing those moments, and also to make sure I am IN more of those photos! (Any of you moms know how rare it can be to actually get to BE in the photo!)

12. I am less than a month shy at hitting that "quarter century" mark, and more than anything, it just amazes me. The past 25 years have been so eventful, I'm ready to let the next 25 go wtih the flow as much as I can! I'll have to post my new list of goals soon, but they all revolve around letting go and letting God!!

13. I've mentioned it already about a dozen times, but I am truly thrilled to be back. Writing has always been my outlet, and I am so excited to have this new journey documented!

Hope you all have enjoyed the "Thursday Thirteen"! And, as always, please leave comments! I love getting to know my readers and reading your blogs, too! :)

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