Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Madness!

My youngest sister (H, 14) and I ventured out Thanksgiving night to Walmart when their midnight sale went on. We honestly just picked up some movies and a few video games, and I could NOT pass up on the mini crockpot for $3! (I am a horrible impulse buyer as it is, and Black Friday madness brings it out full force!) From Wally World we headed to Toys R Us, where we picked up a few more games, a 3 pack of Barbies, alarm clock, and a few other things (I honestly can't even remember what!). The lines weren't bad at all compared to what I've seen before! After Toys R Us, we still had about 2 hours until Macy's opened, so we went to the finest breakfast establishment open at 130 am... Waffle House! I didn't think about it before hand, but 130am may NOT have been the best time to head to WH! Lots of drunks. Anyhoo, we ate, then headed to Macy's. We still had a good hour to wait, so H took a little cat nap while I played Words with Friends! The doors finally opened, and we made a mad dash inside... for the ONE thing we went there to get. Every year Macy's has a REALLY good sale on heavy winter coats for kids, and this year the sale was part of Black Friday. Name brand coat (this year it was DKNY) for $16. Can't beat it. I ended up getting a few in sizes that would probably last Savanah until she quits letting me pick out her clothes solo, and still barely spent anything.

H was hell bent on getting to Victoria's Secret to be able to get their promo holiday bag, so we headed down the mall. I don't know if it's because I haven't been out early on Black Friday these past few years, but I was really surprised at how relatively small the crowds were! Maybe I was just expecting so much worse, but I didn't mind any of it!

Aside from forgetting half of what I bought and still feeling like I'm never going to catch up on sleep, I had a pretty good time! I love shopping during the holidays, so I was totally in my element. Anything from the mall, I'm the gal for the job! B is the Cyber Monday guy... He wanted to get a wine refrigerator for his Mom, and we thought we were going to have to brave the Lowe's at 5am... Until he found a nicer one for almost half the price, brand new, shipped for FREE! His online deals trip me out... He's always getting better deals on almost everything I mention buying!

Did any of you venture out for Black Friday?! Get any good deals?!

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