Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas is getting closer...

And while that generally puts me in full blown panic attack mode, this is one little happy that I actually look forward to! Christmas cards! Gorgeous ones!

If you don't already know about the awesomeness that is Shutterfly, you need to stop and head over there to check out their 2010 Christmas cards! They have plenty of options to suit any taste (modern, traditional, whimsical, seriously, anything!) and right now they are doing a spectacular offer for us bloggers! Who couldn't use FIFTY (YES. FIFTY.) FREE Christmas cards with your pretty little pictures on them?! And even if you don't blog... Their prices are very reasonable and they do some amazing work. I get prints from them all the time and have made my girls baby books using their photo books. Great quality and seriously. They're giving away cards to bloggers. They must be awesome. :)

These are a few of my faves... Now I just need to get the pictures taken to put on them! Guess that means a shopping trip for "the Christmas card outfits"!

Simple and elegant... Love this one.

This one is very Mad Men-esque. I think B will like this one best.

This shade of green is awesome, and suits black/white pics well...

Have to get in a little red/black combo... Go Dawgs! :)

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