Monday, November 29, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Thanksgiving has come and gone! And now I (along with most of you, too, I'm sure) am neck-deep in Christmas decorating, event planning, gift buying... It's manageable so far, but I'm seeing it all too soon become overwhelming!

Sunday at church our newest associate pastor, Rufus, gave the sermon. This was only really the second time that I've heard him speak, and I must say, he can really hit it home just like our other amazing pastors! With the beginning of Advent, along with a "normal" sermon, he gave a great message about making the season about adoring Him and giving gifts to Him. Rufus had his wife stand up, and he explained how he hadn't given his wife a Christmas present in 26 years. Then he shared how he and his wife had never given their children Christmas presents. Wow, I thought... That's pretty extreme! He went on to explain, though, and it all honestly made perfect sense! We all get wrapped up in giving to friends and family that we forget that those wise men brought gifts to deliver to Jesus... They didn't give those gifts to each other!! He challenged us to spend 40% less on the gifts we give to others, and to focus that 40% on Him. Now, if that doesn't hit home the REAL reason for the season, I'm not sure what else will!

Yesterday afternoon I pulled down the tree from the attic and got it all set up. Last year after Christmas I got an amazing deal on a pre-lit LED tree and I was so excited to get it out of the box and see it all put together! Our old tree was a disaster; there was a main pole, then all these little individual branches stuck into the main pole. There were about 47,000 branches. And they were color coded as to which went where... And of course half of the colored stickers had come off! This year went much more smooth, and was dare I say, even enjoyable! I still have to get out the skinny tree to put in the den and get out all the ornaments... Today I'll probably start decorating the rest of the house while the girls are at school. Then tonight... Tree trimming time! Woo hoo! I'm also excited to have the trees up so we can finally take pics and I can order my cards from Shutterfly!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

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