Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Cleaning and Organization Tips or Tricks

Now, I don't have a ton of tips/tricks. I hate cleaning. I am, however a master of manipulation when it comes to faking it! Come on. You all know there have been times when company (hi, Mom!) pops over unexpectedly... And while you're glad to see them, you realize that there are toys all over the floor, folded laundry collecting dust on the loveseat, and breakfast dishes in the sink. (My most favorite cleaning dilemma is when I've been off for the day and B comes home going "What exactly did you do today?!") That's where my ways to fake it come in!

First off, have some useful furniture/accessories in your rooms. Ottomans that double as toy boxes, an old chests as a window seat (you can cram lots in these!), stacked decorative boxes (hello, paperwork!)... Now these are obviously not long-term solutions, but when you need to get it out of sight quickly, well there ya go.

Second, I heart Swiffers. The little dusters are awesome. Love the dry dusting mop thing (the original one) for getting dust bunnies from under the couch and high corners. You can't dust much faster than with these guys. A tip though, I usually don't buy the refills. I have a TON of (pretty cheap quality, hello dollar store) microfiber towels that I cut in half and they will fit the bottom of the Swiffer really well... And if you get them slightly damp- oh happy day. I'll agree that there's nothing really like the good 'ol smell of a freshly dusted room ... But when you're in a hurry... Swiffer duster and squirt a spray of Pledge near the ceiling fan. Goofy... But it works in a pinch!

As for organization, I tend to be a little on the obsessive side. My closet is separated into pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, coats. Then everything is separated by color. It's kinda bad. Everything has to be hung on the hanger in the same way, every time. I have the girls' closet the same way, as well as our dressers. Refrigerator almost stays bare b/c I throw any leftovers away almost immediately. (Seriously, next day, it's gone. Tragic childhood story of some week old tuna salad, enough said.) All condiments are arranged in the door by the ones we use the most. (ranch, ketchup, etc. on the first shelf, salad dressings second, etc.)

I am so excited for today's Top 2! As I was sitting in the drive thru @Sbux, I read through my Reader and saw Natasha's tip for her color coded bins... Um, yes, so why haven't I thought of that before?! Brilliant and easy. Just how I like it.

Seeing everyone's 12 Days of Christmas posts makes me sad that I didn't play along! Sooo... I think I'm going to do two or three a day and play catch-up! SO EXCITED for the holidays this year! I've also got a few crafts I'm working on that I'll post about. All fairly easy, but all very cute!

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Ashley said...

Great tips! I LOVE Swiffers too ;)