Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Days 10-12

Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles

Any Elvis Christmas songs (although Blue Christmas is my all time fave holiday song!)
Carol of the Bells
Christmas Wrapping (the Spice Girls version. Yes, I'm serious.)
All I Want For Christmas is You (Mariah Carey's Christmas CD was on full repeat for a whole year when I was younger)

And that's about it. I really, on the whole, cannot stand Christmas music. And the Christmas Shoes song?! Makes me crazy. I hate it. Yes, the message is sweet... But I still can't help but want to run screaming when I hear it.

Day 11: New Year Resolutions

I'm going to preface this by saying I never do "New Year's Resolutions". I feel like everyone does these and most people don't stick with it. In the new year, I have a list of things that are definitely happening, and have me pretty excited...

+Run my first half-marathon
+Go back to school to finish my degree
+Be more diligent using coupons
+Build up savings to purchase a new car (Miss Mazda has about had it. I liken her to a 3 legged dog.)

Day 12: Show Us Your Decorations (Indoor/Outdoor)

This house is so cramped some days, that I am not very big on having lots of tchotchkies sitting around, especially during the holidays. I've decorated the front porch a bit, and we have two trees, plus the mantel that get spruced up.

This is our mantel... Stockings for every member of the family! My great aunt started the tradition when she made stockings for my mom, aunt, and uncle when they were little. Over the years, my Nana has made most of stockings for the rest of the fam. They've evolved into a few different shapes/sizes, but they're "ours", and I wouldn't change them a bit! When Savanah & my aunts little girl were born, she made their stockings, and I made Stella & Brian's (which is mysteriously absent?! Wtheck?)... Can you find my aunt's little girl's stocking?! It makes me laugh so hard; I caught my sister trying to pick off some of the sequins the other day. I think she's jealous, lol. ;)

This is our tree in our den, which is between the back door and the fireplace. All of the kids' and family ornaments are on this tree, as well as any of the "fun" ones we've aquired over the years. This tree also has our quasi-creepy Santa heads that totally freak my sister out.

This is one of my favorite ornaments. I'm not quite sure just how old this one is, but I know it's got to be up there. My Nana's oldest sister used to make all kinds of ornaments with my Maw (Nana's mom), and I believe this is one of them.

This is one of Nana's little drummer boys! I have about 5 or 6 of these and I just love them. I'm a huge fan of antique Christmas decor!

Hands down, this is my most favorite ornament ever. It belonged to my Nana's Great Aunt Bessie, and is over one hundred years old. It's glass, and I will just absolutely die if (when) something happens to it.

I don't have any pics of our outside decorations, but it's dark (and not to mention freezing - literally!), so those will have to wait for another day!

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