Monday, December 27, 2010

All smiles today!

First, I want to say sorry for the heavy, depressing last two posts! This time of year isn't always my best, but blogging about it helps me get it out.

Whew. Well today finally felt back to normal. Stella and I did absolutely nothing but play and hang out all day long! We played with her new PlayDoh set, the new uDraw the girls got for the Wii, and snacked on veggie chips & chocolate all day, lol. I got a new printer from my mom & sisters, and I broke it out and installed it today. I was SO pumped! My old printer crapped out over a year ago, and it was just never something I thought about buying... So after I got my new one all set up, I printed off about a million coupons! Weeeeeeee! I'm such a nerd, but I am really excited about being able to print out my coupons again. I have been working on a new budget for myself for the new year, and coupons will be a good way to stretch the cash a little bit further.

Stella got a ToysRUs gift card from B's parents, so we stopped by there this afternoon so she could pick out a little something for herself. You should have seen her! It was so cute the way she was carrying around that little gift card box, running from aisle to aisle shouting, "Mommy!! Come look at this!!!!" Such a sweet girl. She was on a mission for a ChuckECheese pizza maker, but (much to my delight!) they were sold out. She didn't seem too concerned though, and she picked out a Teacup Piggy named Snowflake. This little piggy in particular says "LOL!", "Awesome!", and a few other annoying phrases... Thank goodness you can turn it off! :)

Savanah came home from her Dad's tonight, and the girls have been playing ever since we got home! I had a B1G1 coupon for pizza, so (score!) I was off the hook for dinner tonight... They played with the uDraw, and now they're playing High School Musical Sing It. Now, I can be honest. They definitely get their singing voices from me. I cannot carry a tune in a bucket. Heck, I can't even pay someone to carry it for me. It's really that bad. They're having a blast, though. It's so good to have both of my girls home. I'm not good at sharing, but it is a little bit easier now that she doesn't get upset about going out there. She'll be gone AGAIN this weekend (sad face!), but I will probably still be recovering from the Liberty Bowl and be stuffing my face with black eyed peas and ribs anyway!

Going to try and post some pics later... I'm so terrible at taking pictures when there are a lot of people at the house! I think I got a few good ones though. (And if not, I'll grab some from my aunt's FB!)

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