Monday, December 20, 2010


Four shows I watch:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. One Tree Hill
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Mad Men

Four things I am passionate about:
1. Being a Mom.
2. Finding outlets to express the "me" that isn't in line with that whole "Mom" thing.
3. Helping others (and teaching my kiddos what it means to help others)
4. Family & friends

Four phrases I use a lot:
1. "I didn't ASK you to put your shoes on, I TOLD you to put your shoes on. So do it. Now."
(I am SO incredibly the mean mom!)
2. "Yes, Ma'am/Sir"
3. "Because is not an answer..." (That's a REALLLLY good one.)
4. "Sounds good to me" (Brian hears this probably 48,000x a day.)

Four things I learned from the past:
1. Your mother isn't always right. Well, mine sure wasn't. Yours might have been.
2. At some point in life, you have to do what will make you happy, regardless of how many people you will piss off/disappoint in the process.
3. Money isn't everything. But also make sure that you have some idea of how much money you need to, you know, survive, before you go getting all philosophical.
4. Forgive, but don't forget. Always remember why you are where you are, and living with regrets? It's really okay. Every single person has a regret about something they did. Just remember why it is you regret it, so that it's not repeated!

Four places I would like to go:
1. Greece
2. Fiji
3. Ireland
4. Italy
(this list is entirely too long. 4 wasn't even a blip on that radar!)

Four things I did yesterday:
1. Made potato soup. And it was surprisingly awesome.
2. Went to the grocery store 3 times.
3. Had dinner with my 3 loves. It was perfect.
4. Realized that I have been rather grouchy lately, and decided to make a conscious effort to not be such a Grouchy Gretta.

Four things I love about Winter:
1. The smell of snow. (Ohhh I hope y'all know what I'm talkin' bout! It is awesome.)
2. Boots and sweaters!
3. Football Bowl Games! (Have I meantioned UGA is playing HERE?! AAAHH!!)
4. Just being cold. I love it.

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