Monday, December 6, 2010

Mish Mash

Total mish-mash today, as that's what my head is right now. Savanah has a great case of a stomach virus and I believe Stella is on her way to having it also. I'm personally just sitting here hoping I don't get it, as the buffalo chicken dip I've been eating all. day. long. probably wouldn't be too pleasant the second time around.

A few weeks ago while at WalMart I thought "Hey. I really need another pair of black leggings.", and I found these, and have been wearing them to death. I got them a size larger than I usually would because I'm a fan of breathing (and notsomuch a fan of sausage casing, I mean shapewear), but they're not too big, and I love them. They're thick, and don't fade like cotton does. I just need to see if they have grey ones! That would be awesome.

The most amazing news ever! UGA is playing right here in Memphis in the Liberty Bowl! Aaaahhhhh I could NOT be more excited! Even better, my Nana does the majority of the event planning for the game every year, so I've already got my tickets to the game, as well as all of the pre-game events! Weeeeee! Now I'm on the hunt for a formal to wear to the President's Gala the night before the game, and a sweet red winter coat to wear during the game! I can't wait!! (Side note: B is not so thrilled... His Yankee self does not quite understand the whole SEC mindset, so he basically thinks I'm a nutjob. Whatevs. I'll just be sure to pack the "fun flask"!)

We are in the process of ordering our Christmas cards... We took pics at my aunt's this weekend, and I'm fairly pleased with the outcome! I've narrowed it down to 5 choices, and B is making the deciding choice. I'm just ready to get them ordered already! I'm starting to have anxiety about them, lol.

Running on very little sleep... I guess that's why I'm so all over the place.

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