Thursday, December 16, 2010


Whew. I am beyond pooped.

B's company Christmas party was tonight at the Spaghetti Warehouse downtown. To say that the girls (well, B and I, too!) LOVE the Spaghetti Warehouse is a vast understatement, so we were all pretty excited. The night went very smoothly, and the girls were on their very best behavior. Most of B's coworkers that have kids have daughters, and they were all just about the same age as Savanah. Stella hammed it up really well, of course, and they had a really great time. We stayed at dinner a LOT longer than I'd planned, so after I realized that it was almost NINE (!!), we excused ourselves and made a quick little detour. Every year, I love to take the girls to the Peabody Hotel to see their giant tree and to people watch a bit and take it all in. Seeing as how most people in the lobby were having cocktails and "adult time" at this point, we kept the visit short and sweet, but long enough that Stella had time to sing along to the pianist playing Jingle Bells and Here Comes Santa Claus! (Whew, that was funny.) Finally got them home and in bed, and I just feel like passing out myself!

This afternoon I finished up the majority of our Christmas cards. I used a silver Sharpie to write on them, and by the time I got through 40 or so, I gotta be honest, I had a bit of a Sharpie high! lol I broke out the trusty G2 and addressed all of my envelopes, Savanah stamped them, and I broke out the sponge to seal them all. Tossed them into the mail on the way downtown, and I am so relieved that I only have a handful left. I am very pleased with how our cards turned out! I ordered two styles through Shutterfly (the 50 free for the blog post, and I had a code for an additional 10 free, plus a 50% off coupon!). I'll post them once they've had a chance to get delivered. I always get so excited when I address the cards... B's family is mostly in PA, with some scattered here and there, and I love being reminded of all the small towns and far away places that they all are! The card that will be going the farthest is to a cousin of his who is an English teacher in Singapore! I haven't met her yet, as she has been living in Japan for years, but it still seems so exciting to me that I'm sending our little card all the way to Japan! (Hey, I get excited over the little things!)

Tomorrow is full of Christmas parties, cheer, and basketball practice. This weekend is wearing me out just thinking about it, but we will power through! Then... Christmas! Woo Hoo!

Hope you all have had a great day and have a wonderful Friday! :)

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