Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Three More Days!

...well three WHOLE days, at least! This is crunch time, people.

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (as my Nana would so eloquently say!). Saturday was an adventure in Jackson, TN with Stella's cheerleading competition. Her group did very well, and placed third out of sixteen in our region! We are off to Nashville in a few weeks for State! Three years of cheering, and we are *finally* going to the state competition. Honestly, I am a bit over it all, but I am very excited for Stella and my aunt's daughter, Ceci, who are cheering together this year.

B's brother and SIL will be here on Thursday! I went by B's parents' today, and talked to his mom for a bit. She's been battling strep ever since school let out (she teaches 2nd grade), and she looked super stressed. I'm going to go over there and wait on some delivery people tomorrow AM, and hopefully get some of her cleaning done for her. (Let's just forget that my sink is FULL of dirty dishes and I have a weeks' worth of laundry!)

Tomorrow afternoon/night I am going to try and get the rest of my shopping done. I need to sit down and make a final list of what I need to get, what size batteries to stock up on, etc. A glass of wine and 5 minutes to myself would be nice, too, but I better not go there, lol...

The past few days I have heard of so many people losing loved ones. Now, I know that people go every day, but losing someone always sucks, and sometimes more so during the holidays. They are all people that I do not know, yet my heart is hurting for all of them, and they all are in my prayers. Just tonight, I was checking my email and a local news story caught my eye... A mom and her 4 year old son were in a car accident less than a mile from my house, and the little boy went to heaven. The mom's name looked familiar, and sure enough, we went to the same high school. Her facebook was filled with pictures of her family, and her wall was full of little updates on what her little boy had wanted for Christmas and how their Santa visit went... I just sobbed and prayed. It really makes you hug your kids a little harder, and can push your faith a little. I truly hope for all of you that this holiday season brings nothing but good things, but if there are some unexpected turns, that you can stand close to Him through it all! He is so, so good...

(Sorry that all of my posts lately have been a jumble! My head is in a million different places all the time, and since I get my blogging time usually at the end of the day... It usually just all barrels out into one big mess!)

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