Sunday, January 2, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 2

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Memory

This holiday season was probably one of my favorites in a long time. Everything seemed to go rather smoothly, and was the first Christmas Day that I haven't been stressed to the max since I can't even remember when. Lots of memories were made this year, but I think my favorite would be when I took the girls to the "grown-up" Christmas Eve service at church.

My kids are always the ones in bed early. Every single night between 7 and 715, they are getting in bed, and are usually asleep by 730. What can I say. We like to sleep around here. Christmas Eve was a little different though. With the visitation schedule, Savanah spends Christmas Eve day with her dad's family, and doesn't come home until 6. We had two options... Rush to the 7pm service, or cross my fingers and chance it at 9... We were having dinner with B's family Christmas Eve, so it ended up that we would be doing the late service. I, personally, was exhausted, but the girls did wonderfully. It was an amazing experience getting to share such a beautiful service with my girls! The music was amazing, and our pastor's Christmas message was perfect! On the way home, they went on and on about Jesus' birth, and my heart was so happy! That night will always be a special memory of something so meaningful we did together!

(Now, we go to church together every weekend! The girls' just always go to their kids' rooms... Stella's class does a little activity, and Savanah goes to the elementary large group's worship service... So while we do fellowship together at home, it was still special to go to that service together!)

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Kit said...

What a great memory! Thanks for linking up!