Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 4

Day 4: Best Leftover Recipe

Yet another thing I'm not really qualified to talk about! For the most part, the only leftovers I keep are veggies/pasta. I have made casseroles out of yesterday's spaghetti, but nothing spectacular. In fact I just dumped the old noodles/sauce into a dish with a little more sauce and topped with a ton of cheese. Good, but not great.

As far as holiday leftovers, I'm going to go with this... At Christmas we always have a spiral cut ham, and do you know what you end up with?! A ham hock! Wooohoo! lol, But seriously, I came across this awesome recipe via Kate @ elefantitas alegres, and had been dying to try it. Made it last week (with the leftover hamhock!), and it was really, really, really good. Total comfort food. Perfect for eating in front of the fire, wearing your sweatpants, watching crap tv!

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