Thursday, January 6, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 6

Day 6: Best Organization Tricks

I label everything. I make lists of lists. If I don't write it down, I'll forget it, so whenever I'm organizing things, I make certain spots for certain things, and I'll make a list of what goes where... OCD, but it keeps me from digging for things!

The thing that keeps me the MOST organized though, is probably my love for throwing stuff away. It's such a great feeling. At least once a season I will throw out tons and tons of stuff between the girls and myself, and it helps to keep things from over-running our small space. Especially with kids (the one in preschool is the worst!), you acquire a massive amount of paper. Notebook paper, homework paper, coloring sheets, paper plate crafts... I (honestly) throw away 98% of the school work that comes home... And still if anything ever sparked in our house, it would likely burst into immediate flames for all the dang paper!! I've still yet to come up with a system for corralling all of their school work, so if anyone has/sees any tips on that, pleaseee point me that way!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that the cleaning, donating and throwing away can be the best motivator to get organized!!

Kristy said...

I too struggle with all the school work brought home. And I'm also a huge fan of throwing stuff away, so with school work I have to always consider what I should keep and what I can toss. Shhh! don't tell my kids :)

Kit said...

I like cleaning and donating too!

star said...

I make list and I label everything, but I am so bad at getting rid of things! My husband calls me a pack rat! I am trying to get better though!