Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Road Trip & Snow Days!

How are y'all, friends? Are y'all running around as crazy as I am? Good. Glad I'm not the only one.

Seriously, though, this week has been a mess! We had a fun trip up to Nashville last Friday/Saturday, and then Sunday we got the mother of all Memphis snows!

The trip to Nashville was for Stella's state cheer competition. I know, she's four. I think it's kinda goofy for a four year old to be in a state anything. Either way, though, it was a good excuse for a trip! I rented a car for the drive (my Mazda is on her last leg), and we ended up with a Dodge Charger. Y'all. I am 5'3 with my shoes on. I felt like I was driving a bus, you hear me?! It was ridiculous. Nice smooth ride though! The girls were sweethearts in the car, probably mostly due to the portable dvd players they both had! Once we got into the city, the girls played at the hotel for a bit, we ate at Olive Garden, then went swimming at the indoor pool for awhile before bed!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early! Breakfast of champions at the Waffle House (Stella's pick!), then off to the cheer competition! By this time, it was snowing its tail off, and we were starting to get worried about the weather... But three hours later, Stella's group walked out as second place winners, and the snow had stopped! We went back to the hotel, changed, and got packed up and then went on the search for lunch! I'd read nothing but good things about Taco Mamacita's on Natasha's blog, so when Stella mentioned Mexican for lunch, I knew we just had to try it! I must say, it did NOT disappoint! The girls loved it, too! We made a stop by Ben & Jerry's, then headed back to Memphis!

I was so excited to get that time with my girls! I know it's just me and them most of the time anyway, but it was fun to get out of town for a small while together!

Sunday was spent in pj's cutting & organizing coupons! I had spent last week cooking all the stuff we had left in the kitchen, so when we got home it was slim pickin's! I went Sunday afternoon, and ended up saving almost 50%! Original total was $360-something, and I ended up spending right under $200! I was so excited! Last week I watched that show on TLC with the couponers... Yeah, I totally got a taste of the "coupon high"! VERY time consuming, but I'll say it was worth it!

The snow came Sunday night & lasted until yesterday! We got about 5-6 inches & spent lots of time making snowmen, sledding, & dodging snowballs! My youngest sister was over, and we all had a great time! Yesterday afternoon we drove to a nearby church & did some sledding there (super steep hills!!), and on the way home we found a cold, abandoned puppy. It was about a block from the house, and my sister got out and checked on it to make sure it was ok. She ended up walking home, and the dog followed her the whole way. No tags/collar, no microchip (took her to the vet & checked, just to make sure), none of the neighbors know where she belongs (but they have seen her running around for a few days)... We brought her in, gave her a bath, and got her fed... And we are all in love! We've determined (with the vet's help) that she is most likely a Labradoodle & in between 6 months to a year old. She's quite the nibbler, but is a really sweet girl and just cute as can be! I'm trying to find her home, but if no one claims her & I can't find them, we are just going to keep her. I couldn't bear to send her to the pound. What's kind of funny is that Sunday night I was browsing Labradoodles on petfinder. So random. The girls have started calling her Sophie, and I'm secretly hoping no one else claims her!

Longest post ever! Sorry for the catch-up, but I haven't even had the oomph to post. My hands have really been bothering me since last week, and I finally went to the doctor this afternoon to get them checked out. She thinks I may have arthritis, which is freaking me out. Rheumatoid arthritis in particular runs very heavily in my family, and while I know that's very likely what it is, I'm praying very hard that it's not. It's such a debilitating disease, and it really worries me that if I am already having issues at 25, how bad will I be at 30, 35? Whew, Lord. Please keep these hands workin' right!

The girls are back to school tomorrow (PTL!) and I've got a day of shopping & errands. Tomorrow is Stella's birthday! My sweet little baby is FIVE! I can't even believe it. I've still got to pick up her Lalal00psy doll that she wants and take cupcakes to her class... We are going to BuildaBear with Savanah & my aunt's little girl tomorrow night, then dinner at her favorite pizza place & an ice cream cake for dessert!

Hope to get back tomorrow with pics! Happy almost Wednesday, everyone!

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