Saturday, February 26, 2011

On my way to where the air is sweet...

Don't know about any of y'all, but I am welcoming spring with open arms, fun dresses, and a couple boxes of Claritin! I am LOVING this weather, and I'm not even mad about the change-of-the-season sinus mess. Today was our first soccer practice of the year, and we have another one tomorrow afternoon! I can't wait to be out on the fields every weekend (and with Savanah's games being on Saturday & Stella's being on Sunday, I definitely will be on the fields all. weekend!).

This pic is from Stella's 5th Birthday back in Jan. My sissies, my girls, & me! (Pre-haircut!)

The girls have been doing so well... Savanah brought home straight A's/E's again, and Stella is progressing right along in PreK! I'm so lucky to have such smarties... Miss Sophie has fallen right into place since we first brought her home. She's never more than a foot away from me, and she's behaving a lot better also.

As far as things with me, I've just been out enjoying life! Things have changed so much in the past six months or so, and I finally feel like myself again. Relationships are scary things! It's really easy to change into someone you don't even recognize if you're with someone who doesn't appreciate you for you. I've been spending time with friends, doing lots of stuff with the girls, and actually having some time to myself, which is always nice. I've gotten back to running regularly and have been enjoying having Sophie around to take to the park. She's really gotten me outdoors these past few weeks.

I bought a new car! Miss Mazda, RIP. Hello, Swagger Wagon. Mine's used, but the same type of van. When I told a friend of mine what kind of van it was he showed me the video & I died for days laughing about it.

A couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and signed up for membership class at church. We've been going there for over a year now and I had been dragging my feet at actually becoming an official member. With all the other changes, though, it finally felt like the right time, and I have LOVED spending time with my group & getting to know some other church folks! The class runs for six weeks, on Saturday nights, and I have really loved having it at that time. It can get a little lonely sitting at home alone on Saturday nights, and this has been a good escape!

I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly again! A good friend of mine asked me last night if I was still blogging & I had no real reason that I wasn't... Lots of catching up on life I guess, and finally being in such a good place didn't leave me much motivation to write! I do love blogging though, and all the fun friends I've met through the blog! I've been Tweeting quite a bit, which has probably been the reason for less posting. (@sassysthrnmama)

Get out for some sunshine & fresh air today! Hope you all are having a blessed weekend!

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PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I am totally enjoying the Spring-like weather myself!!
I'm also getting a new-tp-me car this week.. WOOOO!!
Have a great weekend.. off to follow you via Twit! ;-)