Friday, March 18, 2011


Yeah, the whole "deep breath & count to 10" thing isn't working for me today.

B's trunk project can kiss my ass. I don't mind helping, but I didn't realize I would be doing it all by myself. It's not my dang car, jeez. I loathe really am not fond of his stupid car anyway. There's too many curves & nooks & crannies, this fabric has little to no give to it, and I'm having to freaking sew 60 % of it. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AND DON'T COME BACK. JEEZ.

Justin Bieber is going to get lost this weekend while Savanah is at her dad's. OR, BETTER YET!!! I'll let her take the CD OUT THERE!! Wooooo! Mom, FTW!

I'm working at our local flea market this weekend for a family friend & I'm ticked off that I'm going to miss both girls' soccer practices AND Stella has to miss a friend's birthday party because I can't take her. Ugh. It's only one weekend a month, but with both of them in soccer, my weekend days are busier than the weekdays!

...I've got to go to Walmart & get some fabric glue and some makeup. I have $15 in cash and my card is nowhere to be found... And my bank is a good 25 minutes away to go make a withdrawal... Looks like makeup is going to have to wait, so I feel sorry for anyone I see today... Wooftastic.

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