Monday, March 7, 2011

A letter to Monday...

Dear Monday,

Our relationship has been rather bad. You always come entirely too early (TWSS! HA!), bring with you all these things and responsibilities that I don't wanna deal with... Pure unadulterated hate is pretty much what I've always had for you.

You must have been turning over a new leaf, because you've gotten some pretty kick ass PR as of late. ClemsonGirl (whose blog is the first one I had ever read) has been singing your praises for as long as I have followed her blog, and it's finally stuck. I don't dread you so much anymore, although it would be great if your morning would give me an extra hour of sleep. Impending daylight savings be damned.

Kind of don't hate you anymore,
Happy Monday, y'all! The Swagger Wagon has been vacuumed out, dishes have been done, and laundry is in progress. Working on scheduling sitters for tomorrow, as I scheduled a doctor appointment at 2, right before PM kid pick-up duty. I called to reschedule, but of course they are booked until APRIL so I guess I'll have to deal.

After submitting over 20 applications/resumes this weekend, I actually got a call back already this morning. It's a four month contract position, but right now it's better than nothing! The pay is fairly good, too, so we'll see what pans out with this. I am just ready to find something. I was so overwhelmed this weekend that I even applied to be a jailer for one of the area suburban cities. I was qualified on paper, so why the hell not?! (It's one of our rather upscale communities, though, so I can't imagine it would be dealing with much more than drunks, but I guess you never know..) Here's hoping something other than working in a jail comes to fruition, k?

Rachael Ray is making Pasta a la Carbonara, and now I'm hongry. Just had a bit of lobster risotto, but it didn't quite hit the spot like I'd hoped. Off to "dream a meal" as I like to say.

I'm seeing frozen pizza in our near future...

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