Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love gettin' stuff for cheap...

Hey everyone! Hope your week is going along nicely. The weather here in Memphis has been absolutely gorgeous, and it has certainly put everyone in a great mood!

I'm going to do a more substantial post later on tonight, but I stopped into the Junior League's thrift shop this morning to scratch the shopping itch that I've had for a few days. I can almost always find something that's worth grabbing, and today was no different! I found some cute stuff for the girls- pj set, Levi's shorts, a bathing suit. For ME!, lol, I found a teal Old Navy t-shirt dress that will be cute belted, chocolate brown Gap cropped pants, a super cute strapless Tibi dress, and a black Tory Burch cardigan with some detailing around the neckline... All that for $15! I am super stoked about the Tibi dress - I got it for $2.50! The zipper needs to be replaced, but that's a very minor cost at the tailor, so I can't wait to get it all fixed up! The cardigan is super cute, too, and was supposed to be $3, but since they were trying to get rid of winter clothes, she gave it to me for $0.50! Crazy!

Working with the girls on homework, and then we are going to hit up the park for some fun!

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