Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My oldest daughter thinks everything is the. end. of. the. world. Which makes me want to lock. her. in. her. room. She's seven. WTF am I going to do when she's seventeen?!

When I decided to make breakfast pour 2 bowls of cereal, I realized we had no milk. Ok, I thought... Who wants pancakes! So I got out the eggs, cracked a couple into the measured batter mix... And realized I needed 1 1/2 cups of milk. FML. We trucked it up to CVS and I came back with a gallon of whole milk (gag me. But it's all they had.) and made pancakes & scrambled eggs. Great way to start the day, huh?!

The girls have been in their room since they got up today. "Cleaning". I have been in there to help, but when I am cleaning and look over and see them playing, it makes my blood boil. So I quit. They are coming up on the one hour mark they were given, and then I'm going in there with Heftys. So over all this crap they have and won't pick up. After I get finished, their room is going to seem a whole lot bigger.

I made Hot Pockets & sweet potato fries for dinner last night. Seriously. And I ate a HP and SP fries again just a moment ago. The girls had lunchables for lunch.

B is probably going to take off work tonight to work on his other girlfriendcar. *evil stare of death* He's reupholstering the inside of the trunk, as he is putting in a sound system. Which, after completed, will have cost a gazillion times what his car is worth considering that the professional installation wasn't good enough! I digress. Anyway, he needs some help, and since I'm fairly handy with the textiles, I'm going to attempt to help. Which is kind of a joke. We are our own version of perfectionists, with him being details OCD and me being aethetically OCD. I don't care how it gets done, as long as it looks good... But he is a stickler for it being done "a certain way"... So we make each other crazy, lol. Should make for an interesting night!

But I guess since he'll be home I might need to plan for dinner... Preferably something that doesn't cook in a crisper sleeve in the microwave. :/

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Tiffanie said...

Haha, my almost 7 year old is the same way! And I am glad to know I'm not the only mom who feels that way about the mess. I'll go an entire month of fighting them about their messy rooms and every month I go in there and load it into a garbage bag...anything in the floor is fair game and it goes to Goodwill. They cry and scream now when I tell them, "You know what, don't worry about it, I'll clean your room for you!" I don't know what I do wrong, we would never have left our rooms messy as kids, we knew my mom would kill us! Maybe that's what's wrong...they aren't afraid of me!
And we don't do HPs, but we frequent Taco Bell, haha! Hope everything goes well with trunk.