Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bargain Buys!

*This was scheduled to post yesterday! Praying for everyone affected by the devastating storms in the Southeast yesterday, and praising Him for sparing our area.*

Writing this post from the arc...

How are y'all doing? Hope this finds everyone safe. The weather here in Memphis has been more schizophrenic than usual. This morning alone there were about five different major scattered thunderstorms, a hail storm, crazy winds, and now the sun is shining! Most Memphians are used to crazy Springtime weather, but even this is a little OOC. Our power is out (again!), and we are lucky enough to have a good family friend who rents generators for parties/events who could loan us one... We're having work done on our A/C today, and it had to have power going to it in order for it to be serviced! Needless to say, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all morning. Is it bedtime yet?!

Anyhow, with all the time we've been stuck inside lately, I was in MAJOR need of some retail therapy! After I ran some urgent errands this morning, my favorite bargain spot, Repeat Boutique (Memphis' JL thrift store), was just the place to go! Last time I stopped in there, I really racked up, so I was eager to see what I could dig up today! After browsing through the racks and chatting with the sweet ladies that run the shop, I walked out with FIFTEEN items for a whopping... $35.77!!

Honestly, I can only think of two or three clothing items I've bought in the past two months that didn't come from that store! It's not like your typical Goodwill or Salvation Army... They keep everything fairly well organized and because most of their donations come from JL members, the clothes/housewares are generally of good quality (meaning they still have quite a bit of life in them) and it's easy to find clothes that are still in style. You should definitely check it out if you're in the Memphis area.They put out new merchandise all day long, so you never know when you'll come across a hidden little gem!

Here's the goodies I snagged today:

0.25 - T-shirt (I threw almost all of mine away, so for a QUARTER I snatched up a brand new tee to wear when I go run)
2.25 - New Balance running shorts
2.25 - Reebok running shorts
1.00 - Imp plaid jon-jon (for a friend's little boy)
1.00 - Janie & Jack polo (same friend's kid)
3.25 - Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse (looks orangey here, but is really mustard yellow)
3.00 - AT Loft grey embellished tee
3.00 - Free People tube/halter (Usually not my style, but will be super cute with white shorts for MIM events downtown!)
3.00 - Gap bermudas
3.00 - Bass shorts
0.50 - American Girl hat (Savanah's hair is SO BIG, she lives in ball caps during the summer)
1.00 - Merona flats (seriously like brand new! I'm iffy on buying used shoes, but these don't look like they've ever been really worn!)
3.00 - Boutique brand top (low scoop neck, super flowy w/a banded bottom, sort of a dolman elbow-length sleeve)
5.00 - Banana Republic dress (silk chiffon w/tie belt & super cute detailing around the neckline. Perfect dressy-dress for summer... Easy breezy!)
4.00 - Gap l/s button up (for Brian... We have to order his shirts online b/c most B&M stores don't carry XXL's in stock... So when I saw this I had to grab it!)

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PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I've never bought a single thing from Repeat Boutique. I never have any luck when I go in there!!