Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brain Dump.

I am still having a hard time comprehending the vastness of destruction across the Southeast. Pictures, video... It's still hard to believe. Our area was lucky enough to be spared from any major tornado damage, but now there is a serious flood threat. My neighborhood is basically on a big hill, and our house is on another hill, so we RARELY get much flooding. I didn't realize how bad it has gotten until I drove around different parts of town yesterday and today running errands and saw first hand how much the Mississippi & smaller rivers/creeks have risen. We're forecasted to receive another four to seven inches of rain over the next few days, and it terrifies me to think about how bad it's going to get. My church has already set up a shelter for those who have had to leave their homes, and I'm working on gathering up supplies to take tomorrow. Praying that we are spared any heavy rain and that the flooding doesn't get much worse.

This afternoon the Redbirds hosted "Bark in the Ballpark" at AutoZone Park. Now, we LOVE going to the Redbirds' games, and actually get to go fairly often as B has lots of vendors with season tickets. Savanah is with her dad this weekend, and B had to work all day, so I was hesitant to take Stella alone. Normally I wouldn't have thought twice, but handling Stella AND Sophie made me a bit nervous! Sophie is basically a 50 pound pin ball of fur-bouncing around from one thing to another. She honestly has gotten so much better with her manners, but being in a new place with lots of other doggies around... I knew it was going to be a handful! I ended up biting the bullet and taking "the girls" all by myself. PTL for my Nana, as she offered to drop us off/pick us up so I wouldn't have to wrestle the parking situation. Once we arrived at the park, Sophie was a mess. She was so, SO excited and literally jumping all over the place. She got to meet lots of other pups and indulged in some doggie ice cream from Three Dogs. Stella had a blast getting to pet the other dogs and jumped at the chance to tell anyone who would listen ALL about Sophie! (If a 5 year old with a lisp saying "Giant Schnauzer" isn't the cutest thing in the world, I don't know what is! lol) It sprinkled for a bit, and we met lots of people... And I have NO IDEA what the score was! The event was very well organized, and I am excited to go back to the next one!

Tomorrow I have church, orientation for our kids' ministry, then Stella's soccer game if it's not rained out. THEN it's going to be Operation: Pippa around these parts. Kinda joking. Kinda not. Homegirl was killing that bridesmaid's dress... And I don't think I would hate having that bod... But this Mama will never get that kind of tiny. (It's called "Big Boned", people. HA.) I have exactly two months until Florida, so I have GOT to get my a$$ in gear. Because no one, and I mean NO ONE, needs to see this in a bathing suit. Not to mention... As much as I do (for the most part) think I am at least decently attractive, when my weight rounds to 170... There is a freaking problem! Planning on cutting WAY BACK on snacking, and becoming attached at the hip with MyFitnessPal & c25k. (Sidenote... Thinking of registering for the St. Jude 1/2 in December... Surely I could train & be prepared if I start now? Running gals- thoughts?) Anyhow. We shall see how this goes. I wish I could just go hit the gym everyday, but I've got to get crafty this time. Any and all suggestions welcome! :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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