Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessions...

I may or may not have been eating Cadbury Mini-Eggs in bed last night... Where I may have unknowingly had a stray egg roll into the sheets... That I possibly laid on & rolled in all night long.

Nothing like waking up with chocolate all over your back & on your sheets.

At first glance... I honestly didn't know if it was chocolate. I thought the worst, if you get my drift...

I have gotten at least two rejection emails a day from companies I've applied to. It eats me up with anger inside. Frustrating when I can't even get an interview for a MAID position I applied for. Kid you not. I'm smart. I work hard... It's eating me alive having to apply to so many places online & never being able to actually talk to a real person. I'm freaking awesome, and if half of these HR goobers talked to me for 3.5 seconds it wouldn't matter WHAT was on a resume. (Seriously. Not trying to be uppity AT ALL. I've just never had to do this before... Any interview I've EVER been on, I was given the job on the spot. So this applying and being rejected is new territory for me. And frankly, I could do without it, lol)

I always get text reminders about my phone bill. Well... This month I didn't. This AM I went to use my phone... No dice! Sent me to a recording about service cut off for nonpayment. How embarassing. I now have a reminder alarm set on the 11th of every month! Don't wanna do that again!

Things are still strained with B. I'm really not trying to be distant, but I guess the past few weeks have just made me that way unconsciously. Trying to build a bridge and get over it. Way too time/emotion consuming & it's dragging me down. Don't have time for that mess.

I forgot about the storms coming in last night and left the dog outside. She damn near clobbered me when I went to feed her this morning! Poor thing literally sat down on my feet & rolled over on her back so I would give her some lovin'! Gonna wash her up this afternoon and take her to the park before I have to drop Savanah off for her bi-monthly weekend of No Parenting. (Ugh.)

For two weeks I've been craving a BBQ sandwich, beans, & slaw. For two weeks, I resisted. Until today. I drove past FOUR BBQ places before I caved, so I think that shows some kind of willpower, right?! (Let me just tell you, though... That was the best damn lunch I've had in ages. Can't wait till our Easter feast of BBQ & ribs! nomnomnomnom)

**Possibly TMI!**
I've got a doctor appointment Monday to hopefully find out what's up w/me. Just haven't been feeling... right... lately. Something's been off, and to be honest, I was freaking out for a week or two thinking I was preggo (I'm on Mirena, so I figured no, but symptoms were spot-on). PTL that is not the issue, but something's going on to explain all this weight gain in my midsection & the pregnancy-like symptoms. When I went a month ago, the Doc mentioned something about ovarian cysts (which run in my family). I'm just hoping to find out what in the world is going on. It's unnerving walking around everyday knowing something isn't right, but not knowing what it might be.

Went to the JL thrift today & got a Vera Bradley laptop case for FIFTY CENTS, a pair of Children's Place bermudas for A DOLLAR, and a brand new pink twill skirt for THREE DOLLARS. Love, love, LOVE that place. They had a couple of dresses that I really wanted, too, but I didn't have much cash on me so I decided to hold off... But I am fairly certain I will be back to get them Monday if they're still there!

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