Friday, April 22, 2011

GOOD Friday Confessions...

My youngest sissy is staying with us for the next few days and I am sooo excited! She literally drives me up. a. wall., but ohhhh we have so much fun! It's awesome to have someone understand just how much of a goofball you really are! :)

Over the past few weeks, I've been on the hunt for an Easter dress. I found a few things, and actually have 3 dresses that could work... But is it just me, or is there something extremely wrong with me just wanting to wear a cute top with some white jeans?! Our church is casual... And frankly, I'm not one to care what someone else thinks anyway, I just honestly have an internal conflict with wanting to wear white jeans! lol. It's the Southern roots... I haven't even let the girls wear white shoes yet! My sister needs something to wear, too, so we are hitting up the shops this afternoon...

Speaking of shops... lol, I'm so annoyed by this. SHE works at Sephora. I mean, seriously?! Now I don't ever want to go back in there... But it's SEPHORA!! Why. Of all the places in the world... lol. Oh well. Guess that just means I'll have to give Ulta a little more love!

Instead of cooking a big family meal Sunday, my Nana has decided we are all going to have brunch at the club. Fine with me. My "dish" to bring was a cake. Easy enough. I also got a wild hair and decided to make some cake pops to go along with it! I've seen them on hundreds of blogs, all the cute party sites, so I thought they'd be great to take... I used Bakerella's recipe (which I know has been successful for everyone I know that has used it!)... And they're awful, lol. I just want to throw them all in the garbage & forget those hours ever happened! The sticks poked through the tops of the balls, the chocolate was all wonky... Just... No! Kitchen disaster, to say the least. (And oh my stars, the MESS!)

We have been checking the mail ALL DAY LONG (my once-a-month job MAILS me my check. Stoneage, I know.), and I told the girls whoever spotted him first got a prize... And I just heard my sister, out on the front porch, yell "I SEE THE MAILMAN!!! I WIN THE PRIZE!!!!" lol. Guess it's time to go shopping!

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