Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday!

It's 530, we have already eaten dinner, and the girls are cleaning their room.

I feel absolutely exhausted, except I didn't get anything accomplished today. Well, other than dinner. That's the one lonely tally mark on the "Accomplishment" board.

I have GOT to finish organizing the girls' drawers. Their summer clothes have been on the couch for over a week. I have also GOT to find a job. I applied McD's the other day... Lol I am that desperate. (And NO, I do not think I am too good to work there... But does anybody really WANT TO? I can't lie & say I wouldn't be embarrassed!)

Heres to hoping I can get my rear in gear. After a RAINY day, the sun is finally out & if I can get my "chores" finished I am SO going for a walk!!

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