Friday, May 6, 2011

Ohhh that can wait!

The casa has been buzzing this past week. Seems the days aren't quite long enough to fit in all the things I need to do, so procrastination has been my bff! The upside to all of the shortened chore time has been my daily hour and a half run/walks. I am now 7 lbs lighter, three different degrees of farmer tanned, and a whole hell of a lot more sore than I was two weeks ago! Hopefully I can keep it up, as we have been conned into a week long family vacay in PCB. (Which, normally, FREE BEACH TRIP! = YAAAYYY!!! ... But my family? In ONE CONDO? FOR A WEEK?! I'm a little skeptical.) Need to find at least one more bathing suit, and, well... I'd rather not look like "Sea World: Live!" on the pretty Emerald Coast!

Things on my procrastination list...

*Make 2 zebra costumes for the preschool graduation (theme: Noah's Ark). PTL Stella didn't sign up to be the giraffe. I can't even begin to imagine how I'd start there!

*Go through summer clothes, AGAIN, and determine any holes that need to be filled, Pre-Beach.

*Meal plan for the next few weeks, cross-reference coupons, and do one MAJOR grocery haul. We're down to the bare bones. Last night's "Dream A Meal" was alphabet pasta cooked in cream of chicken/chicken broth concoction. Verdict? Best soup they've ever eaten. Love these kids.

*Find a gosh dang JOB. I swear... Still looking, still sending out resumes left & right. Last week, though, I've really slacked. At some point, it gets ten kinds of discouraging and I have got to get that in check. No time for being bummed. That gas tank sho ain't fillin' itself.

*Wash/detail the mini, inside AND out.

*Take Sophie to get a summer 'do. I REALLY don't want to see her shaved, but what else can they do? I've never owned a dog that required "grooming".

*Stop looking at prices of things in terms of gallons of gas. I've GOT to stop this, it's been getting me down! When I bought the zebra supplies today @ Hancock, the grand total? 9 gallons of gas. That's like FOUR DAYS of driving/picking up from school! For costumes that will be worn for 30 minutes!! lol. #WGP, I know, but still.

*Clean/organize my room. It's become the catch all for all of my projects I'm working on, and at the end of the night I pass out before I even think about cleaning it.

This weekend is looking to be exciting, though! B is off work all day Saturday, so I'm going to try and squeeze in a little bit of Greekfest (Baklava! Gyros! ... DIET!). Not sure what the plans are for Mother's Day, yet. Like I posted yesterday, I just want a day of peace. Last year's was a complete disaster... I was a tad bit on edge after one too many rude comments and I lost my cool and stormed out... Of B's sister's house... In front of his whole family. Not one of my proudest moments. SO! Can only go up from there, right?! lol

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