Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Friday Filler...

While I was catching up on my blog reading I came across this little ABC goodness over at EAD. Do y'all read it? I love, love, love seeing new posts pop up in my reader from EAD! Some of my most fave bloggers (Kate & Samma) are contributors, and truly all the ladies that post are awesome!

Anyhow, here's my blog filler for Friday afternoon!

A. Age – 25

B. Bed size – Queen. Whenever we sleep on a king in a hotel, B still manages to only give me half a foot of sleeping space anyway, so I figure our queen will do just the same!

C. Chore you hate – Putting away laundry! Bane of my existence!

D. Dogs – Our sweet rescue pup, Sophie! She's 8 months, and a huge ball of black fur! Stella has lovingly nicknamed her "Bushy Butt".

E. Essential start to your day – Diet Coke.

F. Favorite color – Red. Black. Purple.

G. Gold or silver – Both! (I used to have an intense hatred for yellow gold, but I have recently come across many pieces that I love!)

H. Height – 5’4″

I. Instruments – At one point or another in life I have played the piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, and trombone.

J. Job title – Mom to two lovely little ladies.

K. Kids – See above!

L. Live – 3 bedroom house that serves its purpose. I am REALLY looking forward to moving, though.

M. Mom’s name – Linda

N. Nicknames – Don’t really have any these days... Back when I was about 10 my bff and I went around and only called each other by our "fake names". (Her's was Candy, I was Kim. We were the Swan sisters. Named after the Schwan's man that came to her house! lol we were nerds.)

O. Overnight hospital stays – A week long stay when I was in 2nd grade for a severe asthma attack, and then 2 c-sections (4 nights with Savanah, only 2 nights with Stella)

P. Pet peeve – I get annoyed really easily. Can't help it, just do. Off the top of my head, I really hate people telling me I'm wrong... When I'm NOT. (If I AM, then PLEASE tell me!! lol I hate not being right, and I wouldn't want to be the tool with a false argument!!)

Q. Quote from a movie – "You just missed a chance of a lifetime, M'Lynn. Half of Chinquapin parish'd give their eye teeth to take a whack'a Ouiser!"

R. Right or left handed – Righty!

S. Siblings – Two little sisters who are bigger than me and are in the midst of their troubled teen years.

T. Time you wake up – Usually 6-630ish

U. Underwear – VS Lacies. Thongs & boyshorts. Love them, even more than my HankyPankys.

V. Vegetables you dislike – Beets.

W. What makes you run late – My ability to not hear my alarm if I don't wanna.

X. X-Rays you’ve had – Too many to count.

Y. Yummy food you make – I am a kickass cupcake/cake baker. My lasagna is also pretty freakin awesome.

Z. Zoo – favorite animal – Polar bears! I love our zoo's relatively new polar bear exhibit. (It's AIR CONDITIONED! In the middle of a zoo trip in Memphis summer heat- that alone will make you mesmerized by the polar bears!)

Anyone else want to play ABCs with me?

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