Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So What!

Ohh I have been waiting to write this post ALL DAY!

Today I'm saying SO WHAT IF...

* I went on my THIRD interview for a job I would die for. I don't want anymore interviews! THREE IS ENOUGH! Just pick me already or don't! lol

* I am sort of avoiding spending time with B. He REALLY ticked me off this AM, and even after talking about it I'm still reeling, and I'm not up for another argument tonight. Sooo... I'm just pretending to be busy.

* I was supposed to go to a teacher meeting at church and I blew it off. The weather is supposed to be REALLY BAD tonight & with the recent tornadoes, there is NO WAY I'm taking this lightly.

* I am mourning the start of summer vacation. I am not at all ready for VBS & having kids home all day long.

* I gained four pounds Sunday. Yes, in one day. Hi, my name is Sarah, and I eat my feelings.

* We are eating PapaJohn's for dinner tonight. I'll probably gain another four pounds.

* B signed us up for a bowling league with some coworkers, and I want to fake sick so I don't have to go. I hate not being good at things, and I SUCK at bowling...

* My day has been one interruption after another. All these things are ridiculous compared to what my sweet blog friend Amy is going through. If you're of the praying/good wishes kind, send some her way. She's such a sweet soul. My heart breaks for her & her hubby.

* We have free tickets to two Redbirds games this weekend... It's going to be really freaking hot & I don't wanna go.

* I went to Walmart and spent $140 on 11 things. I wanted to die at the cash register. Seriously, full on panic attack when I handed over the cash. "But... That's 2.5 tanks of gas..."

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