Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Do I Want...

This afternoon, the girls are going shopping for my mother's day gift. Like I tell them every year, I will LOVE whatever you pick out. Get me whatever it is you want me to have. Because honestly?! I don't need a darn thing, and the only things I WANT are things I kinda have to pick out for myself. I can only imagine the disaster of having a 7 & 5 year old pick out a bathing suit/makeup/underwear. ANYHOO. I gave my sweet Nana some cash & gave her the suggestion of flip flops & a tank if they can't seem to figure something out... We'll see how this shopping extravaganza will go. I am guessing something incredibly random from Stella (garden gnome, anyone?) and some gaudy jewelry from Savanah (if they can't see it from space, IT'S TOO SMALL!!).

Truth be told? What I REALLY want for Mother's Day? Just for everyone to be nice, not whine, get over the drama, and clean up after themselves. And me. It's Mother's Day, duh.

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