Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never...

Let's pretend that Stella's PreK graduation & Savanah's Field Day both happened yesterday, and not a month ago!

Stella's PreK graduation program had a Noah's Ark theme. The K readiness kiddos had speaking parts (narrating, one kid was Noah, etc), and the PreK kiddos were the animals! They walked in, two by two, and sang the cutest little songs!

Stella chose to be a zebra, so it was up to me to create her costume! It had to come on & off quickly (ie, no pants/facepaint/buttons), so I finally came up with a pattern (basically traced one of her raincoats, lol). It all came out much better than I'd expected!

Miss Stella
(with her hood on crooked a leeettle to the right, lol)

Um, I totally lost it here. She's ALREADY FIVE!! It is going by so fast...

Sweet girl with flowers picked out by Big Sissy

Savanah's Field Day this year was ALOT of fun! My mom was even able to come hang out for the day, so needless to say, Savanah was on Cloud 9 all morning!

First event was the hop ball races! Savanah won all 3 of her turns!

I love that little grin...

Relay game where the boys held little Dixie cups on their heads & the girls had to run down & squeeze a sponge into the cup...
Which, of course, got all over them!
(Little did they know that the tables were going to be turned and it would be the boys squeezing water onto them!!)

Both of the girls had great school years. Savanah ended with all A's and E's on her report card (for the whole year!) and Stella was right on track, more than ready for Kindergarten this fall! I can't say I'm not happy for the school year to be over with, though! Dropping off & picking up at two different schools was awful! Now we can stay in our jammies till noon if we want! (And, frankly, we exercise that right as often as possible!)
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