Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Don't Wanna Talk About It...

(Blog title comes from Stella's go-to phrase for the entire third year of her life, and also my coping strategy...)

This afternoon, Savanah called from her dad's. She is (very thankfully) having a good time, and (PTL, thank you sweet Jesus) is SO ready to come home. Six more days till my sweet curly Sue comes back home. Six more days till y'all will be reading my tweets about how I'm going to pinch her head off if she back-talks me one. more. time. lol.

Anyway, when I realized that her homecoming has sneaked up on me, so has our vacation! We will be leaving for Florida a couple of days after she gets home! Naturally, this means I have some lists going on. As far as vacations go (especially family vacations), I am all about being as planned out and prepared as possible. Which is a good thing, seeing as how I'm usually still packing an hour before we are supposed to head out! The lists are always complete, it's the gathering/arranging/packing that takes me awhile.

As far as I'm concerned, I am set on clothes. Well, I have to be. I refuse to buy anything else until I lose some weight. (Which, I have lost a few pounds... But there's still at least 25 to go before I'm happy.) I DO have to find a cute pair of casual black sandals. The black Guess bow flip flops are my #1 pick, I just have to go and find them. You would think that black sandals would be easy to find... You would think that unless you had feet like mine that are GREAAAAT AND WIIIIDE... Notsocute in the sandal world, fyi.

Also on my list- I have GOT to find some good beach reads. Now, I'm being realistic here. It's going to be my Nana, Aunt, her 6 year old, and my girls. I have to drive. THE WHOLE TIME. So, no car-reading for me. Beach reading is also going to be limited, as I'll have to pay some kind of attention to the children, so they don't end up drowned or eaten by sharks... But hopefully, just maybe, I might be able to stick in a few hours of power reading. My last "fun" beach trip (I was 16) (with my nana and her sister, lol), I read The Pact in a day. That book is not small. I read it from 10 that morning when we left the bookstore until 11 something that night. Even the groundskeeper at our condo commented on me reading that book all day. It was awesome. Absolutely riveting, and I could NOT put it down. I'd like something a little less depressing than teenage suicide pacts, and have heard of a few goodies, but if anyone out there has any reccomendations, leave them in the comments! I'm hoping to place a Borders order sometime in the next day or two!

Before we go, I need to scope out the prime beachy refreshments scene. I am all about some sweet tea vodka + lemonade on a hot day... But I also want to see what the big fuss about Skinny Girl margs is. One thing is for sure, our condo's fridge would be incomplete without the box wine. When I was little, the only time I ever saw my Aunt Bobbie (Nana's oldest sis, my great aunt) drink (and I mean EVER- SUPER strict Southern Baptist) was in Florida. Either boxed Franzia or little individual bottles of Sutter Home!

Now I'm all sentimental over wine! Sweet Aunt Bobbie's birthday was yesterday, and Stella and I went and put some new flowers on her grave. Stella also decided she needed to sing Happy Birthday (all by herself! I was not allowed to join in!), which of course left me a blubbering mess! Ohhh it's not going to be the same old Florida road trip without her! In addition to her wine, a trip with Aunt Bobbie was not complete without her massive collection of OLD country TAPES. Conway Twitty, George Jones, old school Vince Gill, and then "THE" good ol' Baptist family, The Gaithers. I spent my time in the back seat praising God for headphones and Walkmans. ;)

Well, got a little sidetracked. Whatever. Point being, I need book recs! lol. Happy (almost!) Friday, y'all!

PS- HOW COULD I FORGET?! I quit Facebook! Well, just deactivated, but whatever! With all the relationship stuff, I just couldn't deal with it on there, so I decided to take a hiatus. I'm aiming for at least 2 weeks away. If I can make it that long, I'll shoot for 21 days. That's how long it takes to make/break a habit, right?! So far, so good. We'll see if it continues that way!

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