Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So What Wednesdays!

SO WHAT if I haven't cranked out a real blog post in weeks... Life is crazy right now.

SO WHAT if we will be in Florida in a mere 18 days... And I have gained back every last pound that I'd lost.

SO WHAT if I make certain people mad... You get what you give.

SO WHAT that I know it's wrong to think that way. You can only handle so much.

SO WHAT if I know that's baloney, too. (Bologna, I know, it just looks wrong!) Meh.

SO WHAT if I didn't do dishes yesterday. They didn't get up & walk off. (Darn it)

SO WHAT if I haven't heard a peep about that job I really wanted. I'm taking it as a sign that I need to be home with the girls right now, which I really feel is where I NEED to be.

SO WHAT if that means baloney sandwiches & kool aid for dinners. I will never get this time with the girls back & it freaks me out to no end.

SO WHAT if I am feeling super bitter about sharing Savanah with her dad this summer. I personally think 4 weeks during the summer is a little much for someone who can't even make it to a soccer game.

SO WHAT if I am ready to throw in the towel. It is breaking me down to no end and I'm physically, mentally, emotionally through.

SO WHAT if I'm in a crappy mood today. (And yesterday, and the day before..)

SO WHAT if we have lunch's leftovers for dinner. Baked ziti-ish casserols & it's dang good.

SO WHAT if we're all about to pile into my bed for movie (and nap!!) time...

Sorry for the bitchfest, y'all. It's just been one of them weeks. Uploading TONS of pics & have a few posts in the works! Will finish them eventually!

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