Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting Back Into the Stride of Things...

Today I attempted my first solo run for the Women Walk/Run Memphis program. Monday night was our first group run, and I felt fairly good. It was hot, but I kept up in the front of the group, and never felt too winded, etc. Since that went so well, I had high hopes for today!


I'm not sure whether it was the temps (80 something, with a heat index of 96+*) or whether I tend to run faster by myself, but I wasn't quite sure I was going to make it. I drove to a different neighborhood for a change of scenery/elevation, and as soon as my walking warm up was over, I got about three strides into my run and my shins started killing me. I was able to power through them, but I'm fairly sure I looked like a total goober, running with a limp of sorts. And no matter how aware I try to be of my speed, I still wear myself out. I found a GREAT app for my phone (RunKeeper) that will track my route, speed, etc. with GPS tracking... But today, of course, my phone would NOT connect to the server- GPS system included. When I use the app, I can stay more aware of my speed (because it tells me, I don't have to guess "Oh, sure, this feels about like 15 mins/mile"). Plus, with a new route I was curious of the exact mileage. On top of overexerting myself wayyy too soon, I decided to try running with the Camelbak today...No. Just no. It was HOT on my back. It was distracting because no matter how snug I made the straps- it jostled around like crazy. I will definitely be sticking to my water bottle.

Kinda sorta considered dropping down a level to the beginner's group... But figured I'll suck it up and at least go another week. I have a few external factors to work on (new shoes, dri fit shorts -instead of the cotton capris I've been wearing), and going to see if any of the other ladies in the group want to get together for some of our mid week workouts.

Also, if any of you Memphis ladies are thinking about doing the program, STOP THINKING AND SIGN UP!!! It's not easy, but it's an awesome motivator, the coaches are excellent, and you get such a great deal of accomplishment when you finish that 5k! There's only about 50 or so spots left open, so sign up now!

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