Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's just like, it's just like a mini-mall!

Whew! I hope wherever y'all are, you are in some air conditioning. It was so dadgum hot today- I probably lost a few pounds, just from sweating to near death! I worked my once a month job today at a local flea market, and while yes- I was technically indoors, I was also right in front of glass windows and two sets of double doors that were constantly being opened... Soooo any hope of A.C. got sucked out the doors before I ever could catch a breeze! It's not shabby for a weekend's worth of sitting in a chair and people watching, though. And ohhhh boy, there are some characters. Today, for instance, I saw:
*A drag queen at 8am (This is a guy I have seen every single weekend that I've worked there-since January or so- but today was the first time to ever see him in drag. He probably could have pulled it off, but he didn't wear a wig... Just a dress, heels, and a big floppy hot pink sun hat.)

*Roughly two dozen people with may-jah cracked heels. It's called a pumice stone. Or, probably more effective, a cheese grater.

*An older lady with a really cute sundress on... And arm pit hair so long it went halfway down to her elbows. *vom*

*A county sheriff whose last name (which is on the front of their uniform) was "Blumpkin". To those of you who know what that is, then you understand why I felt very, very sorry for him, and also am fairly certain his future wife will keep her maiden name. (And if you feel compelled, you can look it up on urban dictionary, but it's gross. I have B & his pervy friends to thank for that little nugget of knowledge.

If I can keep my phone from dying, I'm going to take pics tomorrow... Sort of like People of Walmart, but People of the Flea Market. teeheehee.

Anyhow, tomorrow I am going dressed in running shorts and a tank top. And I'm bringing a fan and a cooler full of Coors Light Diet Cokes and waters.

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