Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Wish-List Action...

Hope you all had a great Monday! Stella went to VBS with some sweet friends of ours, so my great morning of freedom was planned full of chores and errands! And... I pretty much slept the whole time. My to do list was so freaking long that I got overwhelmed, crawled into the bed, and snoozed it up!

Tonight was the first meeting of the Women's Walk/Run Clinic that I signed up for, and it was awesome! I know a few people who are running or walking, but didn't see anyone I knew tonight. Either way, it felt awesome to be running again, and the coaches are all so helpful and encouraging! Plus, it's pretty freaking awesome to be running through the park in a group of at least fifty other women!

With starting up all the running, and also considering I've kinda had myself on a shopping freeze, I have come up with a bunch of things I'm going to be picking up soon. At the very top of my list is new running shoes, but I just want some that work for my feet! Heading up to Fleet Feet (best running store ever!) sometime this week to get properly fitted, and I'm curious to see what kind I end up with!

Anyway, I started my little wish list on Pinterest today, and thought I'd share!

Nike Compression Shorts

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Nike Core Tight Capri (LOVE this color!)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

C9 Tank from Target (Love these tanks! Loose & breezy to keep ya cool!)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Cute Gray Dress

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Good Dress for Fall

Precious Sleeveless Top

AAaaaand, I found a killer pair of studded heels, but Pinterest was "working on something" and I have to "try back again in a little while"!

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