Friday, July 29, 2011

Pinnable Me: It's Hot, and My Hair is Long.

Linking up with Stefanie today for Pinnable Me Friday!

I have to admit, it took me awhile to get into Pinterest. It honestly seemed like more work than it was worth. But!! Over the past few weeks I have come to sing a different tune! I love being able to pin and organize things I see all over the internet into one place to go back and reference! I used to save pictures to my computer and have to dig through hundreds of files to remember where I saved it, etc... But with Pinterest it's all there! Separated into neat tidy little boards! And you're not using up memory on your laptop! lol.

Anyway, today I want to share with you some of the cute hairstyles I've pinned. My hair is LONG (down to the small of my back) and I think we can all agree that this summer has been brutal. Every time I go to blow dry my hair I contemplate taking the nearest sharp object and cutting it all off. Nine times out of ten I start off my day with my hair down, and by the end of the day it's usually in a bun on the top of my head. Someone with long hair shouldn't be so lazy, right?! I found these cute little hairdo's, and am going to make a conscious effort to try them out so that my hair isn't always so boring!

Yesterday I had a full day of NADA going on, so I took the time to try this one out before I set out shopping. It was surprisingly easy, and such a cute look! Didn't keep the hair off of my neck, obviously, but kept it out of my face, so it's definitely something I will do again!

This is a cute "off the neck" option. Will be giving this a try for the next pool day!

Simple, but really pretty look.

This is just some gorgeous red hair. I am totally jealous of her color/cut. I also want to give her a cheeseburger.

A cute low pony option... I think I would keep mine a little more sleek, though, instead of ratting it all up.

Another cute twist on a French braid...

Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

And finally, for your visual pleasure, a little lesson on what NOT to do ;)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


A Day in the Life... said...

i can understand the displeasure of having long hair in the heat, but these hairstyles are SO cute.... especially the last one. HA!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand to have my long hair touching my neck when it's hot outside! I'm loving the style from The Paper Mama...I'm going to have to try that for work one of these days!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Oh I love all the hairstyles you posted (except that last one-gross!), I am rather hopeless when it comes to styling my own!