Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So What Wednesday!

So what if by the time Wednesday rolls around I am neck-deep in to-do lists, chores, & a ton of other crap that generally makes me, well, bitchy.

So what if I spent the past hour reading blogs... I spent THREE hours before that filling out job apps & emailing resumes and cover letters. If all I did was apply for jobs I would lose my mind. (Also, possibly, already have a job. Meh.)

So what if Stella is (still) in her (mismatched) pj's.

So what if I had a damn good reason to bail on a teaching opportunity at church? I still feel like a jerk for not taking it & wish I had more of me to spread around.

So what if I don't have "a job". Housework, church stuff, little jobs here & there, oh, and my kids keep me busier than I ever was when I got a weekly paycheck. I wish B had to walk in my shoes for a week. I would love being able to work all day, then come home, eat a dinner that someone else made, then play stupid games on facebook. Ahem. Sorry. There's the bitchy again.

So what if it's 100+ degrees outside, that doesn't keep me from wanting to buy boots and sweaters and jeans and tights and... Yep. This girl is ready for fall. Too bad it stays too hot for most of those things until NOVEMBER.

So what if I'm wearing running clothes... And haven't ran in over a month. Nobody else has to know. Shh.

So what... if I can't think of anything else remotely nice to say today, so I'm going to end it right here :)


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

I am the same way when it comes to fall! It's been blistering hot here lately and I am so ready for a cool crisp fall and all the yummy fashion that comes with it! Thanks for following my blog!

Shannon Dew said...

bahhaaha yeah I wear running shorts around the house all the time and I have no intentions of running when I'm in them. they are just super comfy!