Saturday, July 9, 2011


Can anyone else believe it's already the 9th of July?! Not that I'm really complaining, I *loathe* the summertime, but I have a LOT to do before school starts back up that I'd rather not deal with! Also on the list of things I'd rather not do, blog. Ha. Only half kidding, but I really haven't had the gumption to crank out any kind of post... With our PCB vacation + lots of usual chaos, I've been doing good to keep up with reading y'alls blogs + tweets! Also, it's very possible that being more active on Twitter has sucked the blogging out of me... Then again, that whole 140 characters thing really ticks me off sometimes. Bah. Whatever.

We'll go for the trusty ol' bullet point (paragraphs) update!

+ Our trip to PCB was nice. Nice and passive aggressive. Let's just say that 2 mothers who parent their children VERY differently staying under the same roof for 7 days are bound to tick each other off at some point. I tried to keep the peace, and she (my aunt, the other mother) wasn't having it. Sooo... I basically made sure to avoid her (i.e., keep the peace) for the remainder of the trip. I refused to let her crappy mood ruin the girls' vacation, so we went on like she wasn't there... Then the TWELVE HOUR DRIVE HOME was incredibly awful. It was one jab after another against me... Out loud. In front of my kids. My blood was boiling. However, I couldn't exactly kick her out of the van like I wanted to. (Although if there had been no kids traveling with us, her arse would have been on the side of the road in Podunk, Alabama.) Instead I put the same CD on repeat for about four hours at a time and sang and smiled and laughed the whole way home. She may have gotten ugly words in, but I made her listen to Dave Matthews Band jam sessions for hours on end. I win. hahahah. (I love DMB, but it was even on my own nerves after the first hour or two.)

+ Savanah is back out at her Dad's. I am not happy, but ready for it to be over with. 13 days and counting. Then we don't have to do this crap for another year, PTL.

+ My super awesome new church friend got me a gig at church subbing for some of the childcare workers who get paid! Hello, blessing! It's not consistent, but it's a CHECK and I'll TAKE IT.

+ Two days ago, I started deep-cleaning my room. As I was taking down the blinds to wash & washing down walls/baseboards I thought,Link "I may as well paint... I'm already doing everything to prep..."... ZOMG what was I thinking?! Gray paint is evil. All of it. I was more confused and unsure of my choices while looking at the paint chips than I am picking out birthday cards. (And I am that girl who picks up every. single. card. and reads each one, puts it back, picks it back up, etc... It's brutal.) Today I went to Home Depot & just picked one. I went with Light French Gray, which has a bit of a blue undertone, but is still very gray (almost silver-y). I painted a corner section of my room tonight & will finish the rest of it today I suppose...

+ After the painting is finished, I'm going to tackle upholstering my headboard. My current headboard just looks small behind my bed... I want something to be more of a focal point, so if after I get into the project, it still doesn't seem substantial, I'm just going to make one to cover. I kinda want to do a burlap w/nailhead trim, kinda like this one from Serena & Lilly.

+ Today I went on Operation: Curtains, and was very successful at Tuesday Morning. Also did some other shopping at Oak Court (Memphis gals- am I the only one who didn't realize how ghetto it is getting?!), and picked up some of the things for the Summer Blog Swap! I am sooo excited to get everything together to send out!

+ I suck at putting pictures on here. It's just such a pain. Or maybe I'm just blog/photo challenged. Either way. I'm going to work on that.


+ B and I biked to his work the other night "just to see how long it would take" if he decided to ride his bike to work one day. Um... Yeah. It wasn't a bad ride, but it will be a cold day in Hell before he ever rides a bike (as in, bicycle) to work... Or anywhere, really, as long as the temps are in the 100's! Silly boy.

+ It's LATE. I need to go to sleep so that I'll be up bright & early to paint some more! Woohooo!

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