Friday, September 23, 2011

Scarf Swap Reveal!

So a few weeks (month?!) ago, I saw that Meredith was hosting yet another super awesome blog swap... A scarf swap! Seeing as how scarves have become my favorite fall accessory, I HAD to join in! I got partnered up with Michelle, and really enjoyed reading through her blog getting to know her! A few e-mails later, suggestions from Michelle for " fun prints like leopard, argygle, houndstooth, chevron etc...maybe in black/turquoise/greens/grey" , and it was time to get to shoppin'! While out one afternoon, I came across a scarf that I thought would be versatile, could be worn with just about any color out there, and was CA-UTE!... So I had to get it for Michelle! I failed to take a picture of it before I mailed it out, but it was a ruffle-y brown leopard print.

THEN it was time to turn the tables! I received mine Monday afternoon, and absolutely died laughing as I pulled my scarf out of the package... Seems great minds think alike!! ;)

(Sorry for the crappy pic... My camera is MIA!)

Michelle- I LOOOVE my scarf and have worn it three times this week already! It's so fun, and takes a blah outfit to super cute in an instant!

Meredith- Thanks for hosting such awesome blog swaps!!


Michelle said...

again, LOVE my scarf and so glad I have a new blog friend! yay for fall, finally! :)

the tichenor family said...

Love both of the scarves-- I saw the one you sent Michelle on her blog. I got the same scarf from my partner last year!! Thanks so much for participating this year!!