Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eight is... Great?!

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My oldest, Savanah, is eight years old. (Don't ask me how it happened, because last thing I remember is that little blonde white-girl afro running around in a diaper and my heels.) Anywhoodle, I have a little bone to pick with this whole "being eight years old" business. Long gone are the days of my sweet, well mannered child, "yes ma'am"-ing it after anything I said. My eight year old's body has been invaded by a teenager, and I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!

Tonight I made a few simple requests. "Savanah, please go brush your teeth" or "Savanah, please clear the dinner table"... Each time instead of a "yes ma'am" I got a roll of the eyes, "UGH!" or similar super loud she's-going-to-pass-out-from-exhaling-so-hard sound, and a snarky little comment. (ie, "I'm just plugging in my iPod!" or "I was ABOUT TO!!!")

Ummm. Homie say WHAT?!

My mom never cared about manners when I was growing up. In turn, I was a rude, spoiled brat. (I have totally come to terms with it. The real world has a way of knocking you down a few notches, and for that lesson learned the hard way, I am grateful.) But to hear my kid be so rude?! I walk a thin line of wanting to pinch her head off, totally lose my ish, or snap back with a few snarky little comments of my own. Which, honestly, would just give her more material to work with. This parenting stuff is HARD. People always talk about how hard it is when they're infants... Uhh, ok. I'll trade! A non-mobile being who only cries and poops?! Anyday over a mouthy sass pot.

We are working on our little issue. And I say "we" because I definitely have a LOT to work on. She gets the smart ass gene honestly, so I have to step back and choose my words. Also it's good for me to remember that even though she may THINK she's 13, she's only eight. Eight measly years on this Earth, and I can't expect her to act older than she is (nor do I want her to!). For Savanah it's a little tough, going between her dad's and home, where there are completely different definitions of what is right and wrong. I'm just hoping we can get a handle on this before she IS a teenager and the mess will really hit the fan.

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