Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Super Lame Update.

There's no good way to start a post after over two months of not blogging, so here's a little update on what we've been up to!

* The girls started back to public school! We absolutely love the school and their teachers. I am more than thrilled with the decision, even if it did give me the worst Mom guilt ever.
* Spent lots of time with my gurlfraaaands! It's still hard for me to believe that I've got them in my life.
* In a manic cleaning state, I threw away the bag containing the girls' Halloween costumes... And didn't realize it until THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN. Oops.

* More qt with friends.
* Fell for my bff. Like stupid, giddy, retarded puppy dog face fell for him.
* Turned the big 2-6!
* No one killed each other at Thanksgiving, which in my family is always a plus!

* Worked. ALOT.
* Lots of volunteer time at the girls school.
* Basketball started. Woohoo for the Hot Single Coach!
* The Dude and I realized that we are much better suited as friends.
* I actually said yes and went on a date with a SUPER nice guy that I've casually known for years... And had an amazing time! Date #2 coming soon!

Obviously there are plenty of other things, but those are all that really stood out. Right now I'm sick (suspecting strep/kidney infection power combo), and about to hunker down and watch last night's episode of Homeland! Do y'all watch it?! YOU SHOULD. Amazing.

Anyway, (as usual) going to try to make this a habit. No promises though. I'm on twitter all the dang time, though, so add me there! @sassysthrnmama

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