Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Night...

{Just a little background- I was accosted by the most amazing lady EVER last summer and was all but told that I would be working VBS. Being as how I was "the new girl", I just said "Uhhh.. Okay!". The rest is pretty much history. That girl has become one of my best friends, and she introduced me to HER friends (my small group), and if you were to be around us you'd never guess that we've known each other less than a year. Total God thing how we all got together.}

SO! Tonight was our small group night. One of our awesome girls has been given the HUGE, GIANT privilege of fostering a sweet little baby boy. Considering the circumstances, they had ZERO notice, so obviously they needed some stuff! (And yes, they are hoping to adopt, but that is still a ways away.) We had a surprise shower for them in place of our regular meeting (sneaky chicks, we are), and it was the best night I've had in ages. Not only did I get to chat with my girls, but THE BABY!! Ohhhh mylanta. I waited awhile to get my hands on him, but when I did--- It was over. Now I know not everyone is a baby person. I totally respect that. (I have realized that I am not an 8 year old person. It is what it is.) But babies... I'm a total baby hog. I admit it. Their sweet chubby cheeks and those fingers and toes and OHHHH SO PRECIOUS I COULD DIE! I have missed having a baby to love on, and I definitely lit my baby fire tonight.

The past few years I'd pretty much decided that if the marriage/baby thing doesn't happen my the time I'm 30, that the baby shop will be closed. Hell, Savanah will be twelve by then. Who really wants a middle schooler AND a newborn?! Plus at that point I'd only have eight years until I was (legally) off the hook! ;) But after tonight? Ohhh damn. I realized just how much I do want that. (Obviously dependent on IF and WHEN I find Mr. Right-For-Me.) At least with such huge age differences there will be if it does happen, maybe we'd have recovered a little from putting 2 in college at the same time, just in time to send another. (I can't even fathom. I was having a complex with my five SIX year old's birthday. Thinking of my girls in COLLEGE makes me want to rock back & forth in a nice little corner of a padded room.)

Oh yes, my girl got lots of cute stuff at the shower, too. :)

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