Monday, February 20, 2012

The Date From Hell. Or, That Time I Told My Date to Go Home.

Um, so I definitely thought I had posted about the new job? Blogger ate my posts? No?


Well! The new job is awesome. Just... Awesome. The whole transition from staying home to working full time has been as seamless as it possibly could have been. Honestly, the whole situation surrounding the job ended up being a total God thing, and it leaves me feeling incredibly humbled about it all.

Other than working, I haven't been doing too much. Wine night & a couple nights out with my girl L have been about it. Went on a date this past weekend, that, well... Didn't end so well.

I have been out with this guy twice before. No sparks, but he is a super, SUPER nice guy... So after a month of him asking me out again and my blowing him off, I figured what the heck. He's so stinkin' nice, I really wanted to like him. We met for a bite to eat, had a few drinks... Then re-located to a fun little bar in Midtown. While we were there he started getting on my nerves. Like, really getting on my nerves. Telling me "Thanks for coming out tonight" is really a sweet, flattering thing. The first time. After ELEVEN TIMES, it's a little annoying. That, along with a handful of other things, and I knew I was either going to lose my shit on him or I needed to GO. Except I rode with him and left my van at Place #1. I went to the bathroom & made a frantic call to a friend and had them come get me... Only after leaving out the backdoor trying to find a way to escape. (Yes, y'all. It was that bad.) My friend finally got there, but then I had to figure out what to tell The Date. At this point, he was absolutely hammered (the sweet, nice guy that he is apparently started drinking before he ever met me out!!), so I didn't feel too terribly bad for what I did next... I handed him $40 (because he had paid at place #1 and bought me 2 beers at place #2), and said, "You need to go home." A few more words were said, but he eventually left. Sigh. I will probably get all KINDS of bad date karma ju-ju for that one, but whatever.

SO! Needless to say, after that little outing, I don't think I'll be going on any more dates anytime soon. For one, I don't think I care enough. Two, I play the comparison game with any guy I meet, and they never measure up. (Not fair, I know.) Three, I have come to the conclusion that I think way too much like a guy to actually date one. I fear I am forever banished to the "girl that is like a guy" friend category. Meh.

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