Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lately... (Lame title, but whatever.)

I have thought about posting so many times over the past few months, only to get overwhelmed with all the things I want to write about!

The girls are growing up so incredibly fast. (Let's not talk about the absolutely insanely high level of baby fever I have right now..) Stella is a reading machine, working so hard at school and cracking everyone up while she does. She is our comic relief, for sure. Love her little goofy soul so much! Savanah has hit the awkward stage (8 years old is weird these days, y'all), so pretty much everything is always a dramatic event. Even still, she's my sweet, caring, concerned little cutie. We found out yesterday that she has been accepted into the CLUE program (for gifted students) at school, and I am SO, SO proud of her. The CLUE program is the main reason I sent them to the school I did, so getting all the testing and paperwork behind us has been a blessing.

Work is still amazing. To be able to go to work every morning with a smile is not normal, yet I do, every single day. Some of the people in the office have warmed up to me a little bit, so it's not as lonely as it started out. I'm not curing cancer or anything, but I really do love it.

The dating front has been interesting, to say the least. I met a really cute guy on St. Patty's, and we have gone out a few times, but calling him unique is putting it mildly. I feel very comfortable and relaxed around him (which is not like me at all, I've got the Great Wall of China built up like nobody's business), but I am just not quite sure about the whole thing. He's out of town for a few weeks with his job, so I guess we'll see what happens when he gets back. The Dude is still just... The Dude. I'm desperately trying to nix myself of him, but it's so dang hard! He's been my constant for four years... Always there when I need him... But I don't want to have him to fall back on anymore. I find the smallest, most ridiculous things wrong with guys, and just go running back to him. The closest thing I can describe it to is like coming home after a week long vacation. It was fun, you had a great time, but you just want to go home... Well. The Dude is like home.

I think it's high time to find a new home. :)

As far as FUN STUFF goes, I am headed to New Orleans in a few weekends for Jazz Fest with my best girlfriend! Neither of us have ever been to NOLA before, so I am sure it will be one crazy, fun-filled weekend! Pretty positive I'll need a few days to recoup after we get back!!

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