Monday, May 14, 2012

Blame it on the Nap.

Oh hell, y'all! When did Blogger change?! ...  ...  ... Well. Um. This has sufficiently blown my mind.

Anyhoodles, HAAYYY! Hope all you lovely ladies have had a fab Mother's Day (whether you have kids, want kids, take care of other people's kids, have pets, husbands, whatever). Mine was pretty darn great. Slept till about 930, went to my fave donut shop (Gibson's- holla!) where I feasted on my favorite breakfast ever- One red velvet donut, one glazed donut, and a Diet Coke in a can. Stella pitched a mother fracking fit (WITH REAL TEARS!!) when she saw that I got her a strawberry filled donut... Because she asked for a strawberry donut. Um, yes, it must be terribly hard to be six. Apparently the "right" strawberry donut wasn't actually strawberry at all, it was a regular damn donut with pink icing and sprinkles. Won't make THAT mistake again, I assure you.

After I laughed at her and made her hate me for sure, we ate our donuts and left. (Just in time, too, the Kate Spade Diaper Bag Brigade had set up shop at the table next to us, and I was starting to feel a little inadequate in my Target yoga pants.) (*coughyeahrightcough*) Went and cleaned out my van (and vacuumed it!!), then moseyed back to la hacienda. Put a couple loads of laundry in, then ordered pizza for lunch. If loving Papa John's is wrong, please God let me never be right. Stuffed my face with pizza + that deliciously disgusting garlic butter sauce, then took one long nap. A glorious, amazing nap. Ohhh what a nap. Anyhow, I eventually had to get up and go retrieve Savanah from the fiery grips of Hell (aka, the ex + his familia). (And YES, I KNOW, how thoughtful of him to refuse to switch weekends so that I could have my child on MOTHER'S DAY! He's a real catch, ladies.) Spent some QT with my best girls, then they went to sleep.

That awesome, glorious, deep sleepin' nap?? Yeah, completely rendered me unable to sleep for probably the next three days, so what's a girl to do? Go to Target of course! I tried on a bunch of stuff from the Webster collection... Pink flamingo dress was cute, although the neckline baffled me a bit and the pink color washed me out. Navy 3/4 sleeve dress made me look super skinny... Should have definitely bought it. Maybe tomorrow. I ended up with the navy skirt, which I may or may not already have buyer's remorse over. Who knows. I also picked up some super awesome Yankee Candle air fresheners for the car (they fit in the vents and are super small and un-obtrusive! Yay!), which I am obviously a little TOO excited about. Lunch stuff for work, yada yada yada. I also picked up the Steve Harvey "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" book, and just as I suspected, it is hi-larious but also makes a lot of damn sense.

Oh! Also! If y'all follow me on The Twitter, you may remember me talking about a dude (Fancy Pants). One of the times we went out, we ran errands, and at Sam's AND Target he drooled over the Dyson vacuums. Waxed poetic over price comparisons and which ones were best for hardwood vs. carpet, etc. (Which, YES, made me question his heterosexuality, because seriously?? IT'S A VACUUM.) WELL TONIGHT! As I was meandering through the kitchenwares, I notice a tall, dark haired, dressed a little bit too well guy oogling the Dysons. OH YES, it was him. I laughed so hard I damn near peed my pants, and had to hightail it out of there before he saw me. But y'all, really. And the real kicker?? He has TWO rooms in his entire house that are carpeted. Two. Probably less than 50 square feet total. No pets. No roommates. Two rooms. And he is contemplating buying a $300+ vacuum to get the job done. Thank you God, for steering me away from that. I appreciate it.

And... It's officially Monday, so HAPPY MONDAY, y'all. Make it count.

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