Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you all are having a fabulous (SAFE!) holiday! The girls and I have had, honestly, the best weekend we have had in probably years, if you can imagine that. So often we get caught up with my extended family on the weekends, or being overloaded with events/places to be that by Sunday night we have barely spent any quality time together... Not the case this weekend. It was perfect.

My best friend was at the lake this weekend & said it was cool to bring the girls over to crash the pool while he was gone... And crash it we did! Saturday morning we were poolside by 10:30, and other than a quick lunch at Swanky's, we stayed outside all day. It was HOT, but the girls had an absolute blast being little mermaids all day long. Just about the time we were about to call it a night, he texted me and said we should just stay the night, so the girls could swim today, too... Well... Okay, if you say so! They swam till the mosquitoes were eating us alive, then eventually passed out after watching a million episodes of Good Luck Charlie.

This morning, we got up around 8:30 or so and headed to our fave breakfast spot... Gibson's! Seriously, the best donuts ever. The girls were back in the pool by 9:30 and stayed there (other than about 15 minutes while they inhaled lunch) until 4:30 this afternoon! We had a blast in the pool... Between the girls and my friend's son, I was toast. They pushed me in, dunked me under, tickled me to death, and held me down while they sprayed me with water guns... It was so much fun. I took all three of the kiddos to see Men in Black 3 (probably not the best Mom move, but other than some language, wasn't too terribly inappropriate), dinner at On the Border, and a nice little treat at YoLo. I will say this- Boys are a whole different ballgame. He is only ten, but gave me AND the girls a run for our money!

The girls and I are all a bit pinkish after two days in the sun, but nothing terrible. They crashed as soon as their heads hit the bed, and I am about to do the same. Tomorrow we're heading to watch the Redbirds play, then cooking out with the family! I am seriously SO thankful for such a great weekend. Savanah starts her two week stay with her dad on the 1st, so getting to spend some real good quality time as a family was just wonderful. Also a little excited... If the beginning of summer was so awesome, I can't wait to see how the rest of it goes! :)

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