Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 10

Um, yeah. It would not be me if I actually got all of these things posted on the right day! :)

Yesterday was a weird day. I dropped the kiddos off at school and won't see them again till SUNDAY! Craziness.

Work was fine. Nothing special. I got annoyed super early (like 930am early) and had to take an early lunch break breather. A trip to Target and Panera, and all was right in the world. The fact that I've been here almost nine months boggles my mind- it seems like I just started, but like I've been here for years at the same time. I am still adamantly positive that I did not end up here on accident. This was all perfectly scripted. Remembering that helps me get through days like yesterday.

As far as my personal life... Ehh. I am such an inwardly-emotional person, and so many things have been "in limbo"... I have said it for EVER, but 'tis finally time to invest in people who make me smile more than they make me cry, to stop trying to put closure on things that may never have any. Some wounds have to heal on their own... And while I WANT to get a huge gigantic band-aid to cover it all up, I'd just have to rip it off a week from now. That hurts just as bad as the wound. SO! Medical analogies aside, I got some advice to run the other day, which goes against all the things I've worked on the past couple years since The Ex. Because running? Whew buddy, let things get tough. I will run like that really fast Olympic guy. But when it comes to this stuff? Well. I'm taking the advice. I'm running, dammit! You never know, I may end up running right into The One. ;)  (Yeah, that was hokey. But YOU NEVER KNOW!)

And this? Well. I just thought this was great:

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