Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2

Well. Today was not the best. Our work sponsors a dinner once a month for families who have kids in a local children's hospital, and today was that day. We were short two helpers, which stressed me out all day long. Not to mention that work is just... I am very appreciative of my job. It's just gotten to the point where I'm looking around going "But what am I DOING here? How am I making a difference in anyone's life by filing papers?". A job is just how I make money to survive, I get that it doesn't have to be my end all be all passion, but oh I wish it was. So yeah, all that was stressing me out today.

The dinner worked out (as it always does, regardless of how much I stress and am convinced it will be a disaster). Afterwards I laced up my shoes and went for a 3 mile run. After not running regularly in months, it felt great. So the little runner's high had me feeling better...

Then I get home & watch Sons of Anarchy. And aww hell. Talk about an ugly cry. One of my biggest fears in life is losing my best friend. I am someone who only has 1 or 2 "real" friends. And really, just one who knows me, inside and out, backwards or forwards... He knows how I'm feeling without me saying a word, he knows what I'm thinking before I even say it. And for me, for someone who doesn't let hardly anyone in? That's a big old deal. He was there for me through four years of hell that I put myself through with The Ex. He always is there if I need him. Always. And to watch someone bury their best friend? Well. It all kinds of tore me up.

Not to make this post a total bummer, but that's just kinda what today was. I know tomorrow will be better. Here's a couple pics from today...

Not sure what order they'll end up in, but feast your eyes upon a super bitchy OOTD, the "piece" of tiramisu I wa given after the dinner, the wheel to our dolly that says "not for highway use", great temps (fall is my faaavorite), and my lunchtime shopping! Woohoo!

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