Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3

I should have known that after my pity party last night, this morning was off to a crappy start. I was in a funk all day. Every other song on Pandora made me cry. Was not the most efficient at work. Then... I had to make an executive grown up decision and cancel my birthday trip to Charleston over Thanksgiving. :( Womp, womp.

In an attempt to do something for someone else to get my own head out of my butt, I gave blood. And I was (unknowingly) being a snarky bitch & the lady drawing my blood dug that needle around in my arm. So that was fun. Picked up the girls & a pizza, came home & promptly passed OUT. When I woke up at 1030 our new neighbors were having quite the throw down. I Shazam'ed songs from my bed, y'all. After Bubba got back from a beer run (on his dirt bike, mind you), I called the cops. I mean. It's almost 11 pm ON A WEDNESDAY. Go to bed, rednecks. I'm not sure when the friendly officers came by & talked to them, but I was really hoping it would've been while they were blasting "Fight for your Right to Party" by the Beastie Boys. Because that would have made me laugh. So hard.

Now that it's finally quietened down, I'm headed to bed again. Night y'all!

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