Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This is super cliche, but 2013 is already flying by. In the past two weeks I have been one busy lady. Prepping for a consignment sale, staying on top of the girls and their homework, and generally being a housewife to myself have sucked my days up. I've also gone to a few Tigers/Grizzlies games, which duh, makes me a happy lady. I have pretty much jumped on the Grizz bandwagon, no shame. I'm somewhere towards the back, though, hanging on the little patio on the back of the caboose. I do know six most of the players' names, which is more than I could have ever said before. Oh yeah, and I also decided to go back to school.

Say whaaaa?! I know. I have said for the past year that I was going to go back, and once I lost my job I knew it was the right timing. Despite the timing being right, I am still completely terrified. I have no doubt in my ability to do well. (I am too competitive to do badly.) (Plus I know a BUNCH of morons who have graduated college- I know I can do this.) It's just the "Oh-holy-shit-I-haven't-been-in-a-classroom-in-EIGHT-YEARS" that's got me anxious. Do people still actually take notes or am I gonna be the grandma in there with my spiral notebook and pen vs. carrying around a laptop?! Crap like that. Also knowing that I will be in class with freshmen who were born AFTER Full House stopped taping blows my mind. All that being said, I am taking four classes. Two on Tues/Thurs while the girls are in school, one on Monday nights, and one online. First day is Thursday, so wish me luck!

The past two weeks have also had me in a bit of a tizzy because my baby, my silly little goofy Stella Bella, turned SEVEN last Saturday. I have been in full on denial and still am. We had her party at a local painting studio, Art and Soul. The bff and I took a class there last year and had a great time, so I knew they were good... And their prices were legit! I ended up spending the same as I would if I'd had people over to the house for dinner & stuff, and BONUS!!- I didn't have to have people over for dinner & stuff! Total win. Stella invited a few friends and her cousin, and all the girls had a great time. Definitely keeping it in mind for Savanah's birthday in September, and am hoping to carve out some "me time" to go back for a class myself!

Speaking of me time, the Beau and I have decided to go to Boston in April! I am stoked for a vacation not at the beach, and he is stoked to go to Fenway! Sooo, if any of you party people have any recs/must see-or-do's, send them my way!

Well, just wanted to throw out a little update for posterity's sake. Trying to get back into my blogging groove. Lord knows I've got plenty of things to write about.

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